Yakuryo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

We decided on purchasing this machine for the ease of operation and maintenance.

What we considered while choosing gyoza making machine.

We operate the "Organic House" brand under which we manufacture and sell packed side-dishes using organic products . Therefore, our customers are mainly those who are highly conscious of food quality and health issues. While choosing the gyoza making machine, we focused on the reliable after-sales services that would not disturb our stable line of production, supply of parts and components, high degree of maintenance of the machine and the ease of operation from the standpoint of the user.

Why we chose Toa Industry

When considering the above points, and comparing Toa machine with other maker brands, Toa machine was the best. We particularly liked the ease with which we could perform maintenance of the machine, and also the beltless conveyor that would prevent unwanted substances from mixing in with the dough. We also empathized with the Toa stance to "thoroughly pursue and actualize the functions expected by the customers".

About the after-sales services

Toa responds quickly in their after-sales services. The machine too is stable and our operation is smooth as expected. If only the spare parts cost a little less, we will have no complaints.

Future expectations towards Toa Industry

We hope to maintain a lasting fruitful relationship.

Shop Info

Yakuryo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. (Central Kitchen)

Address:MS Shibaura Building  10th Floor, 4-13-23 Shibaura, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0023
Installed Machines: Fully Automated Gyoza Making Machine TX-16, Screw-type Dough Sheeter, Automated Tray Loader etc.
Person in charge: Mr. Takanori Fujimori