Marumatsu Co., Ltd.

We are happy about the high cost performance of maintenance and production capacity.

What we considered while choosing gyoza making machine.

We sell gyoza in various sales routes including supermarkets, ready-made food shops, school lunches etc. The most important factor while handling food material is safety, and hence what we emphasized on more than anything was how safe and hygienic the machine was (stainless steel specification, washable conveyor belt, measures to prevent inclusion of foreign matter etc). Our company holds a mini HACCP in Shizuoka prefecture. The presence of a fully automated gyoza making machine makes a great contribution to the sanitary manufacturing process defined by HACCP.

Why we chose Toa Industry

For us dealing with food, stable production is also a very important mission. In that respect, the good response of maintenance and services was a definitive condition. We had confirmed that point many times and was fully satisfied with both the system and response, before deciding on installing the machine. The high cost performance against production capacity was also a deciding factor.

About the after-sales services

We have not had any significant problem, and we are satisfied.

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Marumatsu Co., Ltd.

Address: 1703-1 Yuto-cho, Nishiku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Pref., Japan 431-0102
Tel:  053-592-1432
Installed Machines: Fully Automated Gyoza Making Machine TX-16, Automated Tray Loader, Tray Supplier
Person in charge:  Mr. Yamashita, CEO