We bought this machine to maintain the taste. The machine wraps our fresh fillings very quickly.

Authentic Hakata Ramen and the popular dumplings

Hakatamon, as its name suggests, is famous for its Hakata ramen noodles. It is run by two ladies from Kyushu who know the authentic taste. They take the trouble to purchase straight noodles all the way from Kyushu, and the roasted pork fillet is home-made. It is now thirteen years since the setting up of their restaurant in this area, and it has grown into a popular restaurant always full with regular customers. They say that dumplings sales is almost as much as their ramen noodles'. They are particular about their Ramen noodles, but are also putting considerable effort in their dumplings. The fillings are repeatedly improved, and kneaded with hand while changing salinity according to the sweetness of the seasonal vegetables. They will check the taste many times until they are satisfied, because they will "serve only that which they feel is delicious". Once the dumplings are wrapped, you cannot re-do it. Customers are honest. 380 yen for 6 pieces is a little expensive, but most customers now order dumplings along with the ramen noodles.

Not for the efficiency but for the taste

The reason for introducing the dumpling machine was because it was necessary to wrap quickly to "keep freshness". It is said that it is not delicious unless you wrap while the fillings are fresh. This is probably because the moisture will come out of the vegetables and the taste will change.
Once every 10 days, they prepare about 2,400 pieces of dumplings and freeze them. The temporary staff who makes these dumplings with the machine is a 70 year old lady! Since the work is simple and for a short duration, it can be done by elderly people. Work time is about three and a half hours. When the machine broke down, it took 2 days with 4 people to prepare the same quantity by hand. What made them worried most was the freshness of the fillings. Since then, as soon as something happens, they would immediately contact Toa Industry, and they are sure to get a prompt response.

A manufaturer who takes care of our difficult requests

Because the dumplings are quite popular, they do not want to disappoint customers by running out of stock. To that end, it is imperative for the machine to operate without any problems. Although the breakdowns are seldom, subtle adjustments are still necessary. Over the course of 13 years of usage, sometimes it is necessary to replace parts. While the machine is being repaired by Toa Industry, replacement machine is leased to them  free of cost. This makes it possible to make the dumplings without a break in production. You could say the prompt response by Toa Industry is supporting the dumplings of Hakatamon.

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