We have 30 years of experience in making gyoza(dumpling) equipment.
Our customers come to Toa Industry for gyoza(dumpling)-making machines they know they can rely on.

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The Toa compact Gyoza-making machine: A Revolution in Gyoza-Making
Cases of Machine Introduction
From Consultation to Installation
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At Toa Industry, we follow the procedure outlined below in order to come up with the ideal designs for what our customers want.
STEP1 Inquiry from customer

What is a gyoza-making machine?

If you're interested in Toa Industry and what we have to offer, please contact us using our inquiry form.

Inquiry form

Hearing from the customer to ascertain what they would like

First, we ask potential customers by e-mail what they would like to see in their gyoza-making machine.

We send out a product catalog and a DVD, video and pamphlet ("The Secret to a Successful Store"), free of charge, describing our products and showing examples of how theyユre used.
STEP2 Meeting

Finding out more detailed information

We visit the customer's establishment to meet and discuss details.
* As a rule, we are able to do this for domestic customers only. We ask that customers from overseas please consult us concerning their needs.

Confirmation using a demo machine


imgWe ask customers to check the operation of the demo machine at our headquarters. We use the actual ingredients and wraps to make the gyoza, and check to see that the taste, texture, machine performance and usability are satisfactory. Naturally, there is no charge for the demo.
STEP3 Study of specifications

Discussion in the direction of introducing the machine

We draw up the specifications based on the customer's wrap thickness, ingredient weight and whatever else the customer would like.
We also ask the customer to check the estimate at this point.

STEP4 Contract

Decision to introduce the machine

Start of production


First, we make a prototype of the pallet model, which determines the taste and texture of the gyoza. If necessary, we make 10-20 samples of the gyoza to make sure everything is right.


Our technical people are present when the gyoza-making machine is installed, to explain how to use it.
We make sure everything is taken care of properly, right up to the point when the machine goes into operation.
After-Sales Services

Toa Industry Co., Ltd. provides a full complement of repairs and other after-sales services for its gyoza-making machines.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.
Telephone: 81-53-436-2101

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