We have 30 years of experience in making gyoza(dumpling) equipment.
Our customers come to Toa Industry for gyoza(dumpling)-making machines they know they can rely on.

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The Toa compact Gyoza-making machine: A Revolution in Gyoza-Making
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Large numbers of satisfied users put us in first place nationwide. Toa Industry gyoza-making machines keep your customers coming back for more.
Toa Industry has over 30 years of experience in designing and developing gyoza(dumpling)-making machines. In order to assure the high reputation of our customers, each gyoza-making machine that we supply is customized. Once the prototype is manufactured, we actually make gyoza(dumpling) using the wraps and ingredients that the customer uses, making sure the taste and texture are just right before we deliver the final machine. That's why we rate No. 1 nationwide in utilization rate.
An integrated system encompassing design, development, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance is one of the many features of Toa Industry.
5 Highlights of Toa Industry Every single part is tailored to what the customer's wants.
Every single part is tailored to what the customer wants.
Because we handle design, development, manufacturing and marketing in one package, we tailor every individual part to the customer's preferences. In particular, our designs focus on faithfully actualizing the characteristics of the customer's gyoza, such as the pallets that wrap around the gyoza, and the quantities of the ingredients.
30-year performance figures of 600 large machines and 4000 compact machines sold in Japan and abroad
Toa Industry has been making gyoza(dumpling)-making machines for over 30 years. During that time, we've sold 600 fully-automated gyoza(dumpling)-making machines to food-processing plants and 4,000 compact machines to stores.
Comprehensive maintenance system
We've kept all of the specification data of the machines sold in the past, building up a vast storehouse of information so our customers don't have to worry if something happens to one of their machines. We also provide consultation concerning machinery upgrades and peripheral equipment, and we provide an active program of maintenance and repair at our facility.
Support for issues at food-processing facilities
With more and more attention focused on safety and hygiene at food-processing facilities, Toa Industry was quick to develop fully-automated gyoza(dumpling)-making machines that emphasize these two aspects, meeting customer's needs at exactly the right timing.
Covering a broad range of wrapping technology
We cover a diverse spectrum of foods featuring ingredients encompassed inside wraps, with gyoza(dumpling) heading the list. Our efforts have only just begun in developing technology to produce food that's as attractive, pliant and appealing as if wrapped by hand.
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