Hamatomi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

The shape and taste of the dumplings are satisfactory and our customer feedback is great.

What we considered while choosing gyoza making machine

It was a major premise that the shape and taste do not change since we were manufacturing dumplings before the introduction of Toa machine. Especially because our dumplings had soft wrappers, we were worried whether they could be manufactured successfully with machines. Of course, the comprehensive after-sales service too was also an important point.

Why we chose Toa Industry

We held numerous meetings at the time of selection of the machine, and we were convinced then that Toa machine was superior in quality when compared to other maker brands. Another deciding factor was that they made us a product sample prior to our purchase order, and we could confirm the quality of the machine-made dumplings beforehand.

About the after-sales services

It is now about 5 years since the implementation of the machine, and it is running stably without any major problem. I am satisfied with the shape and texture, and our customer feedback is excellent.

The sales office of Toa Industry is quite far, but when their staff comes on business to our part of Japan, they will always stop by to check on our machine. Very reassuring. We are also thankful that they respond quickly when maintenance of the machine is necessary.

Future expectations towards Toa Industry

As we expand our business in the future, we look forward to the proposals to increase workability and efficiency, and the development of machines that would realize them.


It would be convenient if they had regular maintenance plans such as for 3 months or 6 months. Service maintenance corresponding to the components wear is also desired.

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Hamatomi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Installed Machines: Fully Automated Gyoza Making Machine T-16
Person in charge: Mr. Hayashi, CEO