Chokubai no Tonki, Sanwa Chikusan Co., Ltd.

We specialize in pork, and the fillings of our dumplings are our speciality. The ease of maintaining hygene with Toa machine is great.

Hygiene management with easy disassembly and assembly

The machine was introduced five years ago. At the time they had no restaurant and the frozen dumplings were sold at the store. But since they began a buffet style restaurant, they make about 6,000 pieces of dumplings once a week. The space is limited in Tonki, as they also make processed products such as ham and bacon. They say the compact machine of To Industry is space saving.
The machine was taken to the processing room, was assembled on the spot, and it was ready for production right away. It is easy to disassemble too and easy to clean. It is an advantage to be able to clean quickly and easily, as the society is becoming more strict about food hygiene.

Dumplings made with safe ingredients

Tonki runs a pig farm, a processing unit and a restaurant. They make healthy pork with self-compounding feed which does not use any chemical additive.
Committed to local production, all their ingredients are local. They use celery when the cabbage is out of season. Their dumplings are unique as the fillings change according to the season. The price per piece is 40 yen. It is slightly costly because they are particular about the ingredients. But they are so busy that they can barely able to manage, as their brand has become famous for food safety. Preparing the fillings one day before, and wrapping the dumplings just before selling them, is the process they have arrived at by pursuing the best taste of dumplings.

It is easier to manage the production with a machine

It is impossible for amateurs to wrap dumplings manually. Even for a skilled worker, it is not possible to make too many. The taste does not change even if it is machine-made. It is not profitable if temporary workers make the dumplings by hand. Rather, the machine can make more uniform dumplings. The quantity of fillings too is accurate thus the production can be planned.

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Chokubai no Tonki, Sanwa Chikusan Co., Ltd.

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