Marukawa Foods

We specialize in takeaway dumplings. Tasty and economical, our client base is expanding.

With the frozen dumplings

"Gyoza no Marukawa" specializes in takeaway dumplings. The owner was an office worker who quit his job to start his own dumplings shop. The sales per day in his first year was only about ten to twenty thousand yen. "I was really saved" he says, bacause that was when a nearby supermarket offered to regularly purchase his frozen dumplings.
Fresh foods are difficult to keep for a length of time because of hygiene issues. In that respect, dumplings can be kept for a long time because it can be frozen. It is also easy to expand sales area for the frozen dumplings. Currently, they sell their dumplings to co-op store as well.

Making speciality dumplings with all their heart

Their dumpling-making began when the owner's wife became famous in their neighbourhood for making tasty dumplings. The reputation gathered then gave rise to their current reputation. Spreading by word of mouth, customers come without break all day.
Some people buy the garlic flavoured Marukawa dumplings for prevention of cold. Many of the regular customers buy in bulk too. They buy the dumplings for their children and relatives.

Gyoza is a Japanese national food

They use Aomori garlic, Miura Peninsula cabbage, locally produced leek, and of course the pork. The sauce that comes with the dumplings contains red peppers. Gyoza is a national food. There are few who dislike gyoza dumplings. The dumplings with a lot of vegetables are made a little sweet, so even the children like it. The owner says it is important "to honestly make cheap yet delicious dumplings".
The price of 25 yen per 20 grams dumpling is possible because of the machine. The machine has become a must-have partner for "Gyoza no Marukawa".

Shop Info

Gyoza no Marukawa, Marukawa Foods Co., Ltd.

Address: 532-1 Hiramatsu, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka Pref, Japan 438-0123
Tel:  0539-62-6007 
Open: from 10:00 to 20:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Open during Obon Festival in August and the New Year's)