Suzuya Seimen Tonchinkan

With the installation of Toa machine, I am now free to do other things. To sell dumplings, "hand-made" is not a must.

Shortened the working hours immensly

The Tonchinkan has been in operation for 17 years, by making noodles from dough and selling ramen noodles at their restaurant. They make ramen noodles mainly, but take orders of udon noodles as well. It is only recently that they have decided to close their ramen restaurant business and concentrate on making noodles and dumplings. They installed the compact gyoza making machine in October 2007. In order to stake everything on the dumpling business, it was an absolutely necessary /> They are veterans of dumpling making as they served dumplings in their restaurant for years. Previously it was all hand-made. It took 10 hours to make 1,500 dumplings. 3 hours just to cut the vegetables and mix them to make the fillings, and a further 7 hours to wrap them into dumplings. As they also had noodle-making to do, they would wake up at 3 AM to begin preparations. It was hard work. Although there was some anxiety before installation, they decided to go with the machine to reduce time and labour. "I am now more free", the owner says.

Customers come not because it is hand-made, but for the taste

After implementing the machine, a customer pointed out that the folds in the dumplings are now different. The owner says, "The sales does not increase just because it is hand-made. Ultimately, it is the taste and the price that matter." He says he is making them in an ordinary way, but he has reviewed all the ingredients and seasonings. The taste is determined by the ingredients. He also studied by going to and tasting dumplings of other famous dumpling shops. The sweetness is adjusted with cabbage, but it is difficult to moderate the sweetness of cabbage that changes with season and locality. Everyone loves the orthodox but delicious flavor, and there are many fans, some coming from quite far. It is 1,000 yen for 50 pieces. 500 yen for 24 pieces. Each piece is quite affordable at 20 yen, weighing about 20 grams.

Steady business that does not over-extend

They considered other brands as well, but heard the reputation of Toa Industry that its machines were the smallest in size, and had fewer failures when compared to other brands. They judged that Toa Industry was reliable in its maintenance and repair services as well. The fact that you could "disassemble and wash the components in under 10 minutes" was also the reason for choosing the Toa gyoza making machine.
Even if the machine was introduced, they could not mass-produce, as the shop was run by just the husband and wife couple. They would make only the amount that sells that day, and do not carry over to the next day. They have not advertised using leaflets, but after setting up a couple of signboards, the number of visitors has increased.

Shop Info

Suzuya Seimen Tonchinkan

Address: 228 Nagata-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Pref, Japan 430-0832
Tel: 053-425-0568 
Open: from 12:00 to 19:00
Closed on Wednesdays