We are ready to provide a total solution to your needs.
With our original automated gyoza machine / dumpling machine, and our successes at promoting and running of gyoza dumpling business, we are 100% prepared to assist you in automation, production increase and expanding of your food business.

Our support covers both the tangible and the intangible!

Toa Industry's Fully Automated Gyoza Machine / Dumpling Machine

We have sold over 6,000 machines world-wide.
Our broad customer base includes family-owned restaurants to multi-national food factories.

Toa Industry's gyoza machine / dumpling machine is fully designed,developped and manufatured by ourselves, with most parts manufactured in our factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. Our original technology has made possible the duplication by machine of the highly delicate wrapping technique of the hand-made gyoza dumplings. Our machines will accurately replicate the tastes and flavours of our customer's speciality gyoza dumplings.

We have sold over 700 units of Fully Automated Gyoza Machines / Dumpling Machines to food factories, and over 6,300 units of Mini Gyoza Machine / Dumpling Machine "Gyoza Innovation" around the world.

Support of Gyoza Restaurant Startups

From large restaurant chains to entrepreneur restaurants with over the counter gyoza dumpling sales
We provide the most suitable business plan that matches your budget and preferences.

Gyoza dumpling is a side dish that has immense potential in many different types of restaurants and bars. With focus on the gyoza dumplings, our "Toa Solution" provides full support to the creation and design of your restaurant's speciality and new businesses.

The most salient feature of our "Toa Solution" is that we can provide our customers the first hand knowledge from the successful operation and management of our own gyoza restaurant chain and gyoza dumpling production factory. With a mutually beneficial partnership first and foremost in our minds, we guarantee our complete support.

A professional team of food business experts will
provide full backing to the client's business ventures.

The speciality of Toa is the five strong points made possible by our group of companies.

5 strengths of TOA group
With Toa Industry Co., Ltd. in the center as the manufacturer of gyoza machines / dumpling machines, Toa Group covers the entire scope of gyoza dumpling businesses. Each company in our group contributes its speciality, thereby providing our customers with a total and complete support. We provide accurate services to a wide range of customer needs and requirements, from automation and increases in production by the implementation of machines, to diversification of business using gyoza dumplings.

The strengths of Toa Group explained in 1 minute
We have been exporting our gyoza making machines / dumpling machines for over 30 years, and we boast a No. 1 world share in this market. We take pride in our contribution to the spread and popularization of gyoza dumplings around the world.

Toa Group

Toa Industry Co., Ltd.

Design and Manufature of Automated Gyoza Machines / Dumpling Machines

US Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sale and Maintenance of Automated Gyoza Machines / Dumpling machines

US Foods Co., Ltd.

Food Business Consulting & Operation of Gyoza Dumpling Restaurants

Toa Automation Equipment (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

Manufature & Export of Automated Gyoza Machines / Dumpling Machines