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We target the customers who want the "real" dumplings. We have original dumplings in our lineup.

To continue to provide the "real" thing

Kaji Mart was founded in 1951 and is a community-based supermarket. They operate six stores in Ishikawa Prefecture, such as the Meitetsu Emza Store in the Department Store "Meitetsu Emza" and the Minami Store, and one store in Fukui Prefecture. A supermarket in a department store is unusual for a local supermarket.
The concept that the founder Yoichi Kaji aimed for, "By gathering the delicacies from all over Japan, the customers can buy them easily at a nearby shop" is still alive now. This commitment is what brings customers to Kaji Mart even while the competition is ever increasing.

Speciality dumplings at reasonable prices

There is also special attention to product development. The tasting is done by the employees, and unless all are convinced, the product does not go on sale. That was the case when Kaji Mart focused their attention on dumplings that would surely sell, and developed their own original brand of dumplings, as part of their high-value product creation. It is unavoidable for packed and ready-to-eat food to cool down while being sold, but because the seasoning is done right, their dumplings are popular for being tasty even when cooled down. The sauce too is selected to match the original dumplings.
An elderly lady who works here has become a steady fan of Kaji Mart dumplings. She says, "I would avoid dumplings made in other supermarkets as they would use ingredients from China, which was worrisome. The dumplings of Kaji Mart are safe in that respect. It is tasty as well, and so I now regularly purchase their dumplings."

Be efficient especially because this product sells and is profitable.

Initially they would produce 1,000 pieces a day and sell only at the Minami Store. But as they analyzed the income and expenditure, they found that it was a highly profitable product. The profit rate of their dumplings among the single food items was always in the top five ranking. Thus the sales effort was increased by CEO orders, and now, they produce and sell about 2,000 dumplings in 4 stores.
From the HR Centre for the Elderly, they have employed two personnel as dedicated staff for dumplings production in an effort to expand manufacture. It can be said that it was possible to reduce labour expenses and improve efficiency only with the compact gyoza making machine that could be operated by anybody.
They plan to sell their dumplings in all stores, and start the selling of frozen dumplings as well. They are also considering the wholesale of dumplings under the Kaji brand in the near future.

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Food Supermarket Kaji Mart, Kaji Shoten Co., Ltd.

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