A sure suggestion that is proven by many success stories.
A new business proposal that has dumplings at its core.
We will assist the realizing of a dream restaurant that the client has in mind.

We will share with you the know-how of restaurant management
that will achieve a monthly sale of 10 million JPY.

Gyoza Dumpling Business Consultancy

Our solution is proven by numerous successes
including our own restaurant chain, Hamataro.

We have sold over 5,000 gyoza machines / dumpling machines in Japan alone. Our customers include those who have added dumplings in their menu with the installation of our machine, and those who have started new restaurants and other businesses with our machine at the core. Our consultancy shall provide complete support to your dumpling business, backed by our ample experience in the services provided to our customers and with the startup and management experiences of our own restaurant chain "Hamataro". Let us lend a hand to your new ventures with proposals proven by past successes.

From planning to management training, we will support you all the way.

The business model of Toa Industry is "Mutual Prosperity".
We aim for the same goal as our customers, running alongisde all the way.

・Restaurant Tour
・Factory Tour
・Inspection Tour of Prosperous Restaurants
・Funding Consultation
・Operation Guide
・Management Consultation
・Improvement Suggestions
For Toa Industry Co., Ltd. that has manufacture and maintenance of gyoza machines / dumpling machines at the centre of its business, the success of our client's business is the ultimate goal. With mutual prosperity as our motto, we will pursue business success alongside our clients.
No need to worry even if you have no experience in restaurant management. We will provide support from business planning stage to opening and management.

Please see "Service Flow"for the timetable towards opening of restaurant.

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One Day Tour of Gyoza Dumpling Business is underway!

We will show you the secrets behind the popularity of the famous Hamamatsu dumplings! You can experience first-hand the enticement and the feel of gyoza dumpling business in our "One Day Tour of Gyoza Dumpling Business". Practical contents such as the real numbers of the accounts of popular restaurants, realities of the operation and management, procedures of restaurant development etc are very popular with the participants of the tour.

Enjoy Hamamatsu, a city famous for its gyoza dumplings.

Hamamatsu City was the filming location of the 2017 Historical Drama "Naotora, the lady warlord" aired by NHK. It is an industrial city with numerous world-famous maker companies. It is also a tourist city with abundant blessings of nature including the scenic landscape of Hamana Lake. On your business visit to Hamamatsu, take time for sightseeing to energize yourself towards your new business venture.