Carry on your traditional gyoza with our technology
Not only the taste but the shape and touch are reproduced.
original technological know-how of automated machines.

High quality and efficient service is realized by our
original technological know-how of automated machines.

Development and Design

Replicated the delicate hand pressure at which the gyoza is made by hand.
This is realized by original design and manufacture of most components.

Our gyoza making machine brings about the maximum potential of gyoza from both the taste and the production points of view. Upon detailed discussion with the clients, we will propose a comprehensive solution that will meet the requirements of production speed and automation while at the same time preserving the quality of taste and flavour of the client's speciality gyoza. Under a single service flow from sample making to test-run, we ensure a speedy yet complete implementation of our machine.


We manufacture most of the main components at our factory.
The client's speciality gyoza is replicated.

Just as each restaurant has its original gyoza flavour, our gyoza making machines too are all one and only. Our manufaturing department, that has its strength in small manufacturing lot and multi-product production, is assembling together the gyoza machine that carries on the special flavours of the client's gyoza. We pursue an efficient integrated production where most main parts are manufactured at our factory and assembled by our skilled workers.

Quality Control

Realizing the weight tolerance of less than 1 gram
All numbers checking system

We at Toa Industry manage and control the weight tolerance of dumplings in 1 gram unit. To realize this hgih level of accuracy, our quality control is thorough at every level of production from R&D, Parts Manufacturing, Assembly to Shipping and Delivery. We guarantee a high level of quality under the Toa Brand, including certain parts that are subcontracted with our original QC standards.


A comprehensive repair and maintenance system
that minimizes your operational downtime.

Arguably, the most important goal of Repairs and Maintenance team is to reduce the operational downtime due to machine maintenance. We maintain record of all the specifications data of our machines sold in the past. And, as is only possible under an integrated system such as ours, we aim to provide a quick and reliable service in case of repairs. We also attend to requests regarding upgrading of machines and addition of peripheral equipments. We undertake maintenance training courses at our factory as well.

Toa gyoza making machines are HACCP compatible.

With a history of implementation of our machines at food processing factories around the world, we actively adopt the suggestions and requests from the actual users. The fully automated gyoza making machine is made in most parts of highly hygenic material such as stainless steel and anti-bacterial resin. We have also adopted the structural design that enables easy disassembly of components for regular maintenance and cleaning. As a result, it is extremely simple even for a layman to disassemble, clean and assemble back the machine. Our sale of machines to numerous HACCP compatible factories are the best testimonial to the reliability of Toa Brand.

An integrated system at Toa Industry
that would accelerate your PDCA cycle.

We at Toa Industry undertake all processes from development to maintenance by ourselves under our integrated system. As a result, it is possible for us to accelerate your PDCA cycle under varying circumstances, even while keeping pace with the moderations and improvements at the client's restaurants and factories. The quintessence of Toa Industry is not the simple supply of gyoza machines, but it is the complete support provided in the gyoza business, revolving around the gyoza machine. You may depend on us to provide you with original improvement proposals that would bring out the best of our tangible and intangible services.