Fully Automated Gyoza Making Machine / Dumpling Machines TX-16 TX-16 (Compatible with fresh dumplings)
Through improvements made in safety and hygene
we contribute to the value addition of dumplings production.
  • 10,000 pieces per hour
  • HACCP Compatible
  • 200V Specifications

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Toa Industry has been pursuing quality and efficiency of the gyoza machines / dumpling machines for decades. We have sought improvements in the ease of cleaning, choice of fillings, safety and hygene control etc. TX-16 that is compatible with fresh dumplings is the next generation machine, a product of years of research and development that would definitively contribute to the value addition to the customer's business.


Capacity 10,000 pieces per hour
Molds Qty 16
Discharge Conveyor 2 Rows of discharge conveyor
Dough Roller Width 230mm
Air Supply On-site machine to be used. This machine does not come with air supply.
Main Machine Measurements 1280mm×1700mm×1750mm(without optional parts)
Electrical Power 3 Phase 200V 0.40kW
Screw Drive 3 Phase 200V 0.09kW
Dough Sheeter Drive 3 Phase 200V 0.75kW
Machine Weight 1000kg

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Optional Products

Replacement Units

By replacing the units,
Different sized gyozas can be produced with ease.

By replacing the units made up of a beltless cutter unit, fillings loader unit and pallet molds, it is possible to produce different sized dumplings. It supports a wide range of sizes from 15 g to 30 g. As you become familiar with the replacement work, you can change parts in about 5 minutes, thus contributing greatly to improvement of production efficiency and sanitation management.

Sub Dough Sheeter

A Sub Dough Sheeter with a large handle
with which the thickness of the dough sheet can be easily adjusted.

During the process of thinning of the dough, if the dough sheet is too thick when passed through the roller, the dough quality reduces and it will affect the taste of the dumplings. Additionally, it results in the overload of the dough sheeter, and is not recommended for mass production over a long period.
By introducing the Sub Dough Sheeter and performing the thinning process in 2 steps, it avoids the above mentioned problems, thus producing fine ideal wrappers for your dumplings.

Automated Loader

This machine covers both mass-production and labor-saving. 
An automated loader that eases the last stage of production.

This is an automated tray loader that reduces time and labor at the production line. By attaching this machine to the fully automated gyoza machines / dumpling machines, the product is loaded onto the trays and vats automatically. Furthermore, by attaching a tray loader as well, the supply of trays too can be automated.

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