Achieved daily sales of 450,000 yen with gyoza takeaway and lunch packs (o-bento) only
How we had achieved monthly sales of 2,2 million yen with gyoza takeaway
Despite negative economic impacts on restaurants by the Covid-19, Toa Group's gyoza specialty restaurant “Hamataro” (Handayama) had achieved sales value of 6 million yen a month.  Among them frozen gyoza takeaway accounted for 2.2 million yen.

Merits of Gyoza Takeaway


Gyoza is a Japanese national food, and it is strong against recession
Gyoza has good nutritional balance and is affordable. It is a healthy and economical food product popular among both men and women, old and young.


You can realize labor saving system by using machines instead of skilled professionals.
Mass production and stable supply are realized by mechanization and simplification of operations. High turnover service is now possible.


The advantages of low cost (only about 15%)
The cost of dumplings is as low as 15%, and takeaway costs less, so you can sell at low prices.

Main Initiatives for strengthening Takeaway


Realization of attractive products and prices
We tried to differentiate by making the most of our own strengths. In addition, dumplings have a low cost ratio and takeaway costs are low, so an attractive selling price has been achieved.


Sales Promotion
We have used outdoor banners, pamphlets, store notices, homepage updates, newspaper inserts, and field signboards. We have also utilized adverts in Google, Facebook, LINE, and Tabelog (major Japanese restaurant information website).


Ideas from the customer's perspective
Ideas often arise from the seller’s perspective. So we took special care to realize ideas from the customer's perspective.

Hamataro's store model that has its strength in takeaway business

We provide "food safety and reliability" and "deliciousness" with our central kitchen (factory) and four different store models tailored to various city areas and targets.

Introduction of Hamataro gyoza specialty restaurant

Hamataro at Handayama, Hamamatsu-City (Medium-sized restaurant)

Restaurant Data: 109m2, 35 seats, 25 parking spaces

<Business model and features>
  1. Suburban gyoza specialty restaurant (Emphasis on balance between dine-in and takeaway)
  2. Customer Base: Families, Housewives, Office Workers
  3. 40% of sales is takeaway.

Hamataro at Koike-Cho, Hamamatsu-City (Small-sized restaurant)

Restaurant Data: 53m2, 14 seats, 10 parking spaces

<Business model and features>
  1. Suburban gyoza specialty restaurant (Emphasis on takeaway)
  2. Customer Base: Housewives, Office Workers
  3. 60% of sales is takeaway.

Hamataro Gyoza Center (Large-sized restaurant and factory)

Restaurant Data: 500m2, 75seats, 30 parking spaces

<Business model and features>
  1. Suburban gyoza specialty restaurant & Central Kitchen (Factory)
  2. Customer Base: Families, Housewives, Office Workers, Tourists, Large Groups
  3. 35% of sales is takeaway.
  4. Supplying dumplings and ingredients to group restaurants and franchisees.
  5. Also functions as the operations base for wholesale and online sales of dumplings.

Gyoza Bar (Izakaya) close to the railway station *Newly opened in 2019

Restaurant Data: 1st Floor 116m2, 60seats & 2nd Floor 116m2, 60seats

<Business model and features>
  1. Gyoza bar at the center of the city, close to the Hamamatsu station.
  2. Opening Hours: 17:00 - 24:00
  3. Customer Base: Office Workers, Friends, Couples, Tourists

Hamataro's achievements

  • 2012 Gyoza Crown Grand Prix Winner
  • 2014 Winner of New Hamamatsu Gyoza Presentation Contest Grand Prix
  • 2014 Introduced on TBS TV program "Matsuko's Unknown World"
  • 2017 Introduced on TV Tokyo’s business program "Mirai Seiki Zipangu(Future Century Zipangu)"
  • 2019 Introduced on TV Tokyo’s business program "Cambria Place"
A guided tour of Hamataro gyoza specialty restaurant and factory is now possible!

Recommended for people who are;

  • looking for ways to change the current situation affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.
  • thinking of strengthening takeaway and packed lunch sales.
  • thinking of starting a gyoza speciality restaurant but don’t have the know-how.
  • already running a restaurant and looking for new ideas for further business growth.

About the tour


How to make your restaurant concept and the menu
We will explain the points required for making your business plan that will affect the creation of your restaurant.


The labor saving system by using machines instead of skilled professionals.
You can see the high efficiency of mechanization in selling large numbers without sacrificing quality.


We will explain the mechanism to achieve high profits with dumplings with a low cost ratio.


You can see how we launched our promotional activities and campaigns.

Tour Flow

11:00- Tour of gyoza manufacturing process at our kitchen and factory.
12:00- A working lunch at Hamataro to sample our gyozas
13:30- Tour of our medium-sized and small sized restaurants *Only for applicants
14:30- Q&A by the president of Hamataro *Only for applicants
17:00- Tour of Hamataro gyoza bar near the station *Only for applicants
*Depending on the date and time, we may not be able to meet your request. Please contact us for more information