Toa's Compact Gyoza Making Machine / Dumpling Machines "Gyoza Innovation"
A space saving compacy design
that will bring about innovation in  gyoza dumpling production
  • Capacity of 1,500 pieces per hour
  • 100V Specification

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This is a machine that will snugly fit in the kitchen of your restaurant. It is ideal for customers who are about to open a restaurant, or for those who are experiencing the limitations of manual production.


A compact sized machine that is capable of producing 1,500 pieces of dumplings per hour. This is an ideal machine for restaurants.
  • Compact sized machine that is the size of a regular microwave.
  • Production capacity of 1,500 pieces per hour.
  • With this machine, anyone can produce standard quality dumplings.
  • The size of the dumpling, fillings quantity, thickness of the wrapper etc are customized to the customer's specifications.


Height 408mm(701mm including hopper)
Floor Dimensions Depth 255mm Width 343mm
Weight 44kg
Power Single Phase 100V 65W
Installation Space 300mm×350mm
Material Stainless Steel and Hydro Alloy
Production Capacity 1,500 pieces per hour

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Compact Fillings Loader

The fillings such as meat, seafood and mixed pastes are easily prepared and discharged
in palm-sized pieces which you may use for your cooking.

  • Compact sized machine that is the size of a regular microwave.
  • Compatible with seafood, mixed pastes and meat pastes for making cutlets, dumplings, hamburgers etc.
  • By changing the unit components, you can easily change the weight and size of the fillings.

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