We have 30 years of experience in making gyoza(dumpling) equipment.
Our customers come to Toa Industry for gyoza(dumpling)-making machines they know they can rely on.

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Product Intro
Fully-automated gyoza-making machine: Full-option type
Fully-automated gyoza-making machines
Compact Gyoza-making Machines "Gyoza Revolution"
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Fully-automated gyoza-making machinesFull-option typeType supporting uncooked gyoza
HACCP supported TX-16
The Toa compact Gyoza-making machine: A Revolution in Gyoza-Making
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Product Intro
HOME>>Product Intro>>Compact Gyoza-making Machines "Gyoza Revolution"
Compact, space-saving design initiates a revolution in gyoza-making video showing the compact gyoza-makingmachine
Compact Toa gyoza-making machines fit nicely into store kitchens, blending into the ambient surroundings. They offer just the right level of performance for those starting out in store management and those who are struggling with the limits imposed by handmade gyoza.
The Toa Compact Gyoza-Making Machine: A Revolution in Gyoza-Making
Height 408 mm (with hopper: 701 mm)
Floor area Depth: 255 mm Width: 343 mm
Weight 44 kg
Power Single-phase 100 V 65 W
Space 0.09 square meter
Material Stainless steel, hydro-alloy
Mfg. capacity 1,500 pcs/hour

※Specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve performance.
Floor area img
Compact filler
Compact filler This filler proves extremely helpful in making gyoza by hand, providing stable, even filling of ingredients such as meat, fish and bean jam.

A compact size on a par with small-sized microwave ovens
・Can accommodate various kinds of filling, such as fish and bean jam, in addition to gyoza, shaomai, hamburgers, meatballs and other items.
・Customized design in which the agitation screw is selected to match the ingredients.
・The unit can be replaced to accommodate changes in the shape, size and quantities of the ingredients.
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