We have 30 years of experience in making gyoza(dumpling) equipment.
Our customers come to Toa Industry for gyoza(dumpling)-making machines they know they can rely on.

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The Toa compact Gyoza-making machine: A Revolution in Gyoza-Making
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Fully-automated gyoza-making machine: Full-option type
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 Fully automated, from the making of the dough to the shape and lineup of the gyoza. Enables efficient production of 10,000 to 15,000 gyoza per hour.
T-16 fully-automated gyoza-making machine: Full-option type
T-16 full-option type This model offers an automated, customized design centering around the T-16 fully-automated gyoza-making machine, with a screw-type dough maker and auto lineup device. Customers striving to reduce labor and boost efficiency will like the outstanding convenience delivered by this type.
Designed to the customer's specifications in terms of gyoza size, ingredient quantities, etc.
Dough for gyoza wraps is made automatically.
Off-cuts are returned to the screw-type dough maker and re-used.
Between 6 and 12 rows can be laid out automatically, based on the net conveyor used by the customer.
Gyoza can be laid out automatically on the pallets and trays used by the customer.
■Principal Dimensions
Example showing the T-16B automated gyoza-making line
Capacity 10,000 pcs/hour
No. of forming pallets 16
Unloading conveyor Auto width-adjusting type
Dough roller width 230mm
Water-added dough feed Air shower
Product feed configuration Lined up on conveyor (6-, 9- and 12-row specifications available)
Air supply method Equipment installed at site used (not installed on main machine)
Main machine dimensions 3310 mm x 1743 mm x 1665 mm
Electrical power Main unit drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.750 kW
Screw drive: 3-phase 200 V 0.090 kW
Dough maker drive: 3-phase 200 V 3,000 kW
(1-stage: 1,500 kW, 2-stage: 1,500 kW)
Total weight 1250kg
※Specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve performance.
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